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LNC Missions

Over the years we've been involved in several projects nationally and internationally. In this section you can read about where we've been, what we've done in partnership with the Holy Spirit and lessons we've learnt along the way. 

LNC Student & Youth South African Mission
Thursday 14th April to Tuesday 26th April 2011

This is a brief report to say thank you for all the wonderful sponsors and

givers that contributed to make the mission a success.


There were 13 of us in all on the team and we began our journey on Thursday 14th April. 11 of us travelled together and instead of a 13 hour journey, it took about 24 hours to finally reach our destination due to delays on the flights from Heathrow causing us to miss our connection in Johannesburg. As we eventually arrived the team was reminded through the wiriness that we were on mission and even this was part of it. We had to learn to thank God in the turbulent times. We got in a circle and thanked God we had arrived safely.


We had a team day out and went to visit Addo Elephant Park. We didn’t stay outside the mini bus too long as there were lions, buffalo and elephants out there. We were served food during the time we were in Jeffrey’s Bay by an Afrikaans and English couple in their sixties who have amazing testimonies of God changing their lives. I found myself weeping and hugging them which was very healing for them and me.


The youth and students presented their dance and a song and rap that they had put together and shared their testimonies in the two meetings with the Victory Christian Centre. There was a very positive response and in the evening service over 30 youth responded and were ministered to. One of our students prayed over them.


In the morning the team sat in on the Year of Training lectures and were equipped in ‘Finding Direction for your life’ many were deeply impacted. In the afternoon we spent time in the Jeffrey’s Bay Township where we visited the foster home and nursery.

In between the foster home and nursery is a piece of overgrown land that the government has given ‘Victory for you’ permission to use as a playground. We helped prepare it by weeding and digging out roots and rocks etc. It was hard work for many of the youth but good training. We were also really impacted by the poverty and shacks that people were living in. We went to one house and prayed for a lady who was ill.


We met as a team at about 7AM each morning to pray and share together which was another challenge for the team. It helped the team to reflect on what God was doing in us and with us. Some who had never heard God speak and had not yet given their lives to Christ began to recognise that God was speaking to them. In the morning the team was again equipped, this time in leadership.                

Afterwards we went into the township and continued to prepare the land for the playground; some also went to wash the feet of some people who lived in the bush. It was very challenging for them but they learnt about God’s servant heart and prayed for the people. They then gave them shoes to wear.


We visited the baby clinic and saw where unwanted babies are dropped off anonymously. The clinic then tries to contact the mothers if they can find them and offer them support. If not they find homes for the babies. After this we went to a disabled school in the township again and spent time performing a drama, dance and some songs that the team had prepared for the children.

The children then sang to us. We shared a short message with them and prayed with them. After this we swept, mopped and scrubbed out their classrooms as they do not have money to get cleaners in.


We travelled to Cape Town through the garden route.


We visited Robben Island and met with one of the prisoners called Tuluni Mabaso who had been with Mandela during his stay on Robben Island.  

It was very interesting.  Former prison guards and former prisoners have reconciled and now live on the Island together and work as tour guides. We asked Tuluni why Mandela could forgive and reconcile with his captors and he replied ‘because of the character of the man, the character of the man’.


We climbed Table Mountain. Our first team member got up in one hour and ten minutes. However it was a real challenge for some of the younger girls and it took them three hours.

There were tears on the way up but they wanted to continue and knew it was their challenge.


Preached in the morning and evening services on the ‘God of all comfort’. The team performed their drama, dance, song and a rap. It was Easter Sunday. Three or four people gave their lives to the Lord and two from our team gave their lives to the Lord for the first time and one made a recommitment.


Flew back to London.


Reflecting on the mission trip I would sum up the impact on our lives in three ways

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