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At London Network Church we believe that the church is here to build up and reach out. We do this in many different ways through our regular Lifegroup where we support each other, apply God's word, eat together, laugh together and reach out to people with God's love. We love to provide support for families with children through our Pear Tree Parent & Toddler Group and for the over 65s through the Lunch Club. We provide spaces for men and women to be developed through out Mentoring groups. We reach out further afield through our missions both in the UK and internationally. 





The Pear Tree Parent and Toddler Group runs weekly on Tuesdays from 10am to 11:30am. The cost is £3.00 for the first child and £2.50 for the second child. This is a space for parents/carers and toddlers (aged 0 to 3 years old) to engage in a sensory, fun and creative experience. We offer a variety of activities ranging from arts and crafts, free play, snack time, professionally facilitated dance, song time and more! Refreshments and drinks are also provided for parents/ carers. If you're interested, please speak to Anthony or Pastor Dorcas.

Day Care



The Lunch Club is an outreach ministry catered to the over 65s in our Acton community. This event takes place (usually) every first Wednesday of the month. Attendees are served a 3 - course meal accompanied with songs, entertainment, personal testimonies, a brief message and more. Donations are welcomed as a contribution towards the meal. If you know of anyone aged 65 years and over who may want to attend, please let Sharon know so we can include them in our contact and catering list. 



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The Turning was birthed at The Gate Church (Reading) out of an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that led to a deep hunger to reach the lost. From this initial move of God (which has now spread across the UK & Europe) the four cornerstones of Encounter, Training, Outreach & Discipleship were established. The London Turning team is dedicated to equipping London leaders and their churches with evangelism tools, discipleship training and a culture-transforming vision.

We have a hub (approx 10 churches) in Ealing that have been going out monthly since 2019. We have seen unity among churches of different denominations who gather to encounter the Father's love on Friday evenings and share the gospel on Saturdays. More info can be found on The Turning London website.


There were 13 of us in all on the team and we began our journey on Thursday 14th April. As we eventually arrived the team was reminded through the wiriness that we were on mission and even this was part of it. We had to learn to thank God in the turbulent times. We got in a circle and thanked God we had arrived safely.



Life groups



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Lifegroups are the life and soul of the church. This is where we express our Christian life together as a family and also reach out to others. Some groups meet during the day and others in the evening, twice or three times a month. This is where authentic relationships are lived out in community, acceptance and celebration of God and one another. Lifegroups provide an opportunity to gather as Kingdom family, walk alongside others in everyday life, disciple, be discipled and grow in love for God, each other and the world. They are a place to be built up, build up others and reach out to the world God loves.

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Anthony McClatchey
Children’s Minister
Michael Chua
Life Group Leader
Shelley Collins
Life Group Leader
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Christian & Kara.png
Anthony & Sharon McClatchey
Youth Life Group Leaders
Christian & Kara Nothnagel
Joyce Obaze
Life Group Leader
Life Group Leaders
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Neil & Bev_edited.png
David & Nadine 
Life Group Leaders
Jayne Springer
Life Group Leader
Neil & Bev Swatton
Life Group Leaders


Mens Mentoring


The Men's Mentoring group meets monthly (usually on Fridays) and one to one. Men of all backgrounds and ages come together to support one another to set goals, achieve their unique purpose, grow in their relationship with God and each other whilst providing accountability for Kingdom living. We have various testimonies of men who have developed great friendships and seen their spiritual lives, marriages, businesses, finances and health improve as a result of Men's Mentoring. If you’re interested please speak to Pastor Alex or one of the leadership team.

- Alex Afriyie      


"Men can be real, open and honest and share heart with each other"

- Martin

"Men’s mentoring has been such a revelation for me. Being new to the church, this was a great way to embed myself in fellowship with the men in the church. To see men build each other up is so encouraging. 

It is a safe place to share and an environment I can really see myself growing as a Christian. I like how it includes men of all ages because wisdom from experience can be passed down to the younger men in the group."


"It’s also a fun group with plenty of banter and plenty of great socials!"

- Godwin

I joined the church not knowing too many people, I only knew them by association. 

I grew up not having too many men around me speaking positive things into my life. Men's mentoring has been great to get to know other men, to stand together, socialise together, be transparent with each other in our struggles and celebrations and to fight beside each other. It's encouraging and a great strength as we support one another through life's journey. The food, banter, safe space and practical sessions have been awesome too! We're truly better together. 



- Anthony


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Womens Mentoring



ME+YOU Mentoring London is based in London Network Church (LNC) and birthed out of a hunger and passion for women to grow deeper in meaningful and purposeful relationships and realise their uniqueness, value and worth. Here’s how it all began... ME+YOU Mentoring London was initially known as 'Women of Worth', then Me2 Mentoring and was initiated by Senior Pastor Dorcas Afriyie of LNC. Following our connection with founder of ME+YOU Mentoring and Senior Pastor Edna Els of Victory Church (Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa), ME+YOU Mentoring London was born. ME+YOU is now global! 


The goal of ME+YOU Mentoring is Christ-likeness. Many ladies in and out of LNC have benefited from deeper godly relationships as a result of being part of ME+YOU Mentoring. It is about coming alongside and purposefully walking with one another. Through-out challenging circumstances in our nation we sense the gentle hand and presence of our loving heavenly Father guiding us tenderly through strong relationships built in our ME+YOU groups and through doing life together (emulating and representing Jesus and His disciples).

ME+YOU is about lifestyle and not a program. Although we still have further to travel on our journey, it’s exciting to witness the unfolding of our dreams! The ME+YOU ladies meet once a month. If you are in the London area and want to join other women in their pursuit of a life that is Jesus-centered, we’d love to hear from you! Please send us your information so we can get in touch.


Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ. 1 Corinthians 11:1


We love and believe in you,


Pastor Dorcas & The ME+YOU London Team




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