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Me2 mentoring is about a lifestyle of relationships that are vital & life changing.

It is about coming alongside one another on life’s journey and purposefully walking with one another.


A mentoring relationship is different from other relationships, because it has a specific purpose. In Me2 the specific purpose is to grow in Christlikeness which results in us representing and reflecting Christ in our everyday lives. Me2 is a lifestyle and a journey, not a program.


"For a long time I carried a passion for kingdom living and a desire to help ladies understand  their value & worth, to reach their potential and fulfil their dreams. The Me2 mentoring pioneered in South Africa by Pastor Edna Els: A vision for being transformed through relationships; resonated with me. As I arew in my ability to trust through the various seasons o f my life, ladies around me also grew in their trust. As born out in this statement by Nelson Mandela during his inauguration speech - "When we are liberated, our presence automatically liberates others." Mentoring is therefore an opportunity to grow in relational sharing through having a Mentor, peer level relationships and proteges so that you can reach your goal."

Dorcas Afriyie             


D O R C A S  A F R I Y I E

Head of Me2 London

K A R A  N O T H N A G E L

Me2 West London


Me2 West London


Me2 West London

S H E L L E Y  C O L L I N S 

Me2 West London

N A D I N E  P E A R T

Me2 West London

L A N R E  O W O L A B I

Me2 West London

F A I T H  A F R I Y I E

Me2 West London

L I L A  T H O M P S O N

Me2 South London

J O Y C E  O B A Z E

Me2 South London

J A Y N E  S P R I N G E R

Me2 South London

"Growing & pushing into relationships  l  Freedom from heaviness  l  Learning to connect with others" 

Nadine Peart


"Working through the painful stuff  l  Searching yourself  l  Life-changing  l  Freeing" 

Beverley Swatton


Every issue of Thirty One magazine is full of stories that will inspire you and cause you to dream big; stories from ‘ordinary’ women who walk with an extraordinary God.

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